dimanche 9 novembre 2008

Open letter to Barack H. Obama

No, it was not a joke by your enemies, it was your own page.

You wrote "America serves".

Some of your probable black ancestors sang:

When Israel was in Egypt land

And some of your probable white ones:

Britons never never never shall be slaves.

Clinton was an honest man. When asked if he had had sex with Monica Lewinsky, he said no, and when asked to explain he said: "That is not sex". It would not have got her pregnant.

He was also a slavehunter. In 1995, when a girl of 12 had married an old man to quit school, he said he would consider taking that possibility away, making school compulsory till 16.

Some young people suffer from their juridic inability to quit school and start families. Modern society - spell it Clinton for your country - gives them basically the alternative between no sex at all and non-sex. Couples are destabilised, dreams that never come true are prolonged. Youngsters are unhappy. Some families think this is a small price for "good" education.

But some families have this imposed by modern society. The reasoning is about this:

If Messieurs Rotschild, Drexel, Vanderbildt et c owe their fortunes to a "good education" and people who lack it sweep the streets, among other things, why cannot everyone have a good education, and all will smoke cigars from Havana and no-one will sweep the streets? If one stove of a particular brand will do away with half of the fuel for same heating, why can't two of them give same heating with no fuel?

Young people are unhappy also about being kept in a school that will not give them good jobs.

And some who are chaste and getting a good education are disturbed by co-ed both as to sexes and as to them with the ones that are habitually unhappy.

I have been a teacher. I do not believe in keeping young people in school longer than they want to. Clinton did, Columbine High School happened. You do, you want to institute a Classroom Corps to avoid it happening again. Who will be in that corps? Idealists or people who are more or less forced to? They are not drafted or they are drafted? Not drafted is not realistic. If draft is excluded, social services may extort some to join that Corps. If not, it will be your class of people getting to classrooms of "underserved schools" or of "undeserved school obligation,"* rather.

Your Classroom Corps may provoke more classroom corpses - and martyrs!

May Cassie "she said yes" Bernall pray in Heaven for the young in your country!

Hans G Lundahl

*spotted a misplaced quotation mark and corrected its place

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Hans Lundahl a dit…

Ah yes. This thing about firearms ... Fascist Jerk of the Day: Robert F. Bauer ... seems like Mr. Obama is getting at school killings the wrong way.

If people are sufficiently desperate, they will find means of killing each other or themselves, arm control or not.